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HD 535 - kayak touring

HD 535 is the new NMK double kayak evolution of the previous HD 560 double kayak.

More efficient with good primary stability, and excellent secondary stability.

Very versatile kayak, with good load capacity, suitable for marine use, in medium-long excursions. The kayak is equipped with adjustable pedals, anatomical backrests, pond stables.

Round bow loading cap and oval stern loading cap for easy stern stern.

In addition, a 16 cm round bow gavon was installed, very useful for storing small objects.

It is stable between the waves and in gliding, has a good cruise speed and excellent directional stability;

It is very comfortable and allows for long stays on board, thanks to the very wide wells, which allow easy boarding.

Plumbing installation is recommended.

Happy sailing.

Technical Features :

Length : 5.35 meters

width : 0.67 meters

Diolen weight : 32 kg

peso carbon - weights : kg 28

Vacuum infusion system weight : 25 kg (GOLD version)

total volume: 535 liters

maximum capacity: 225 kg

XL version

92 X 49 (outside)

85 X 45 (inner)

XXL version

cm. 99 x 56 (exterior)

cm. 90 x 48 (inner)

accessories :

2 ergonomic chairs

2 poggia back comfort kayak sport

2 adjustable kayak sport toes

Tappo oval kayak sport cm. 44x26

Become the Chief Minister of Kayak Sport. 24

Gavoncino cap 16 cm sport kayak

Perimeter of the peaks.

Rubber bands.

Steering wheel on demand.

Ergonomic handles

HD 535 Double Kayak

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