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Sea kayak ideal for long hikes, very high performance.

Very slippery in the water, great course hold, great stability, and at the same time very fast.

It has reduced primary stability, while secondary stability is extraordinary and allows for great lateral tilts of the kayak.

Peculiar shape of the keel drawn in deep V.

Large loading capacity thanks to the large pond gavons that allow you to stash anything you need.

Very useful for bowing in oval cap cm. 44x26 della kayak sport.

Mounts a large well, equipped with kayak sport accessories.

Ideal kayaker weight 75-100 kg.


material : diolene / carbon kevlar

length : 5.60 meters

Width : 0.54 meters

Diolene version: 25 kg

carbon-kevlar version : 23 kg

pussy : cm . 90x48 (exterior)

cm. 84x42 (inner)

Front gavon: 78 liters

Rear gavon: 85 liters

3rd gavon: 25 liters

Gavone day hatch : 30 liters

Total volume: 400 liters


Adjustable Kayak sport toes

Anatomical Backrest Kayak Sport

Perimeter of cime

Elastic Ropes

Kayak sport anatomical handles

Kayak sport anatomical seat

Infinity Sea Kayak

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