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The Twusch - for Thetford Toilets

The Twusch has been designed in years of work, it has taken many attempts and trials - what seems easy, has been a true challenge.

A saxonian porcelain manufacturer with more than 100 years of experience supported us during development and production.

What is it good for and why is it so Special?

Most toilets in Caravans, Campers and RV’s are made from plastic and become susceptible to bacteria deposits and discoloration due to wear of the factory sealed surface by biological chemical and mechanical influences. The Twusch offers all advantages of an in-home toilet while keeping it lightweight.

It has been form fitted which makes it extremely easy to install. Because of its nano sealing (Lotus effect) the Twusch is easier to clean and helps save up to 75% of water. This spares the environment and makes life in a camper or caravan a little bit easier.

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1 Twusch porcelain insert for Thetford toilets

Twusch Porcelain insert for Thetford Toilets1q

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