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X-51 is the new INUK kayak in the MANNINO range.

Excellent quality and the highest performance kayaks.

A “pure” sea kayak, designed with “fish form” type.

High tip and cruise speed boat, ideal for fast excursions and ocean racing, given its good stability and loading capacity, it is also suitable for medium-long range boat camping shipments.

The hull is very directional and thanks to the pronounced rocker of the keel, the maneuverability and control are also excellent.

The low profile rear deck makes it invisible to the wind and the Eskimo maneuver is made easy.

X-51 is the "reduced" version of the previous Itaca and Evolution 2.0 models, not for this less efficient, designed to face open sea navigation also "formed", and being not an "entry level" boat it is recommended to all those who have good conduct and control technique in big


Ergonomic seat

Kayak sport anatomical back rest.

Adjustable smart track pedal board.

Poppa kayak sport oval cap cm. 44 x 26

Tappo Tondo Kayak Sport 24 cm in Prua.

Day hatch laterale tondo kayak sport da 15 cm.

Mini day hatch round kayak sport 15 cm covered at the height of the central bridge.

Elastic Ropes for the item holder.

Perimeter of the peaks.


material: diolene: (manual processing) weight 23 kg

carbon-kevlar : (manual processing) weight 21 kg

Vacuum System Infusion (carbon-kevlar) : peso 17 kg

LENGTH: 480 cm

WIDTH: 53.5 cm

Inner PIT : cm 79-41

Exterior PIC : cm 85-47


Front lawn: 70 liters

rear tank: 80 liters

Gavone day side hatch 15 : 30 liters

gavone mini-day hatch da 15 : 6 litre

total volume: 315 liters.

SKEG-WORLD (Upon Request Only)

X-51 Sea Kayak

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