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The Camping World was formed in the late 90's by Mario Psaila and his late brother Victor Psaila. Being ardent travellers, both Mario and Victor had great experience of what one needs to travel in safety on land and on sea. For the purpose of this website we will concentrate on land travel.


Whilst driving on the continent, Mario and Victor used to look at the equipment fitted on other cars by travellers like themselves. On the continent cars and equipment must be of top quality and in top form. Many cars travelling the roads in Malta at that time were simply not suitable to be used for long distances and at the speed normally required to cover such distances.


Mario and Victor therefore decided to supply Maltese travellers with both moral support and with the required top quality equipment.

 In fact they started importing into Malta products by the world famous manufacturer of all kinds of load carrying systems - Thule. Thule manufactures top quality roof bars for all kinds of cars, bike carriers for the car roof, rear and even towbar mounted, Cargo carriers of all kinds including Cargo Boxes, Baskets and interior load organisation, watersports carriers for kayaks, canoes, windsurfers and even small boats, all sorts of racks and accessories which will allow a person to carry anything on his car or commercial vehicle.

By supplying Thule products, the Camping World ensured that Maltese drivers leaving for a long voyage on the continent now were equipped with the very best possible equipment, in fact up to the highest standard of all the other foreign travellers as well.


The Camping World continued with its work bringing to Malta the very best of European Campers GiottiLine This is one of the most popular brands in Europe, and some examples are in Malta. 

The Camping World has been the local partners of this beautiful brand from day 1

During this time The Camping World opened up all the possibilities for Maltese travellers to travel in Europe using caravans or motor homes and utilising campsites.


Other brands of caravans and motor homes are also available.

Needless to say the equipment fitted in caravans, boats and other vehicles for travelling now needed to be addressed, and for this The Camping World started representing, selling and servicing another world famous brand, Truma. Truma products can be found in almost all caravans and motor homes worldwide. These include heaters, coolers, boilers, air conditioners, etc.


Add to the above a vast array of many other products and equipment to help the traveller or camper to enjoy his holiday to the maximum.


Mario continued giving all services by The camping World after his younger brother, Victor, unfortunately passed away. The Camping World today is a trademark within the Maltagate Services group

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