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NORDELETTRONICA BATTERY CHARGER - MODEL NE 287 21 A Standard chargers compatible with all types of gel, AGM and lead-acid batteries. Charging is carried out by maintaining constant current and voltage. This implies a reduced charging time and prevents all possible permanent damage, allowing the battery to remain connected to the charger for a long time without any risk. There is a switch to allow you to choose the right algorithm based on the type of battery to be recharged. TECHNICAL DATA: Inputs: 220-240V, 50/60Hz, 2.2A Battery nominal voltage: 12V Maximum output current: 21A Battery capacity: not less than 100Ah (C20) Battery type: lead, gel and AGM Charge curve adjustment: 4 algorithms Fan with modulated speed: present Visual indicator: three colored LEDs Remote signal for main line: Yes Charging voltage compensation based on battery temperature: Yes (if connected to an NTC sensor) Protection: IP20 Dimensions: W 167 x D 170 x H 73 mm Weight: 1.5kg CONNECTORS: Input: IEC EN60320 C14 3-way connector Output +/- battery: M5 screw NTC, EBC input/line autput: MOLEX MINI-FIT JR 4-way female connector with male terminal PROTECTIONS: Input: T4A 250V fuse (internal) Polarity Reversal (Output): Yes Short circuit (output): Yes Overcurrent (output): Yes Overvoltage (output): Yes Battery charger overtemperature: Yes Battery overtemperature: Yes (if an NTC sensor is connected)

Battery charger Model NE 287 21 A

SKU: 025 ne287

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