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Product description for the coconut mat

The coconut doormat is specially designed for all happy campers! Every time you step into your camper, caravan or tent, this coconut doormat will put a smile on your face.


Design of the coconut mat for camping

The coconut doormat has an authentic appearance due to the brown color and material. The coconut mat provides a neutral and natural look. The matching text and images are printed in white.


Due to the use of coconut, with its rough and hard structure, the coconut mat works very well to wipe the shoes on clean.


The coconut mat has the following dimensions: 250 x 500 x 12 mm. The coconut mat is specially designed for use at the campsite. The sizes have been taken into account.


Nature-friendly doormat

The coconut mat for the campsite is made of 100% coconut, the outside of a coconut. By using natural material you are environmentally conscious.


The advantages of 100% coconut is that the mat is mold and rot resistant. In addition, the mat is also sound-absorbing.


Inspiring text on the coconut mat

The coconut doormat is specially designed for anyone who loves camping. The white text on the doormat says it all, "happy campers". In addition, inspiring icons in the camping theme are also depicted on the doormat. To get excited about.


SKU: 8402070

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