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With the Metic compressor cooler, you can not only cool, but also freeze food! This spacious box keeps all your snacks and drinks at the right temperature. Great for a camping trip.

Relax with your Mestic cooler

This portable compressor cooler from Mestic has an extremely powerful cooling capacity and works like the refrigerator you have at home. It has a cooling range of +10 °C to -18 °C. That means you can even use it as a freezer. Simply set the desired temperature using the LCD touch screen on the box. The ambient temperature has no effect on the cooling performance of this portable refrigerator, so you can always enjoy a refreshing ice cream in front of your campervan or caravan! This portable refrigerator has the same cooling power at 12 V as at 230 V. In other words, you can use it in the car, but also plug it into an outlet. To do this, you need an adapter (available separately).

Key features

  • Cooling capacity: +10 °C to -18 °C
  • Can be connected to 12V and 230V with optional adapter
  • Capacity: 25 liters
  • Digital display with USB connection
  • Suitable for 1L bottles

Fridge ideal for traveling and camping

In summary, the portable compressor cooler is compatible with both 12 V and 230 V, which means you can use it on the road but also on the go. Plus, thanks to the smart design of the portable refrigerator, it's super easy to take with you in your car, camper or caravan. It has a straight shape with two handles recessed on each side so you can store and carry it easily. This portable refrigerator also has a large capacity of 25 liters. Plenty of space to keep all your groceries in top condition during your holidays! In short, this portable refrigerator comes in handy, whether you're out for the day or embarking on a longer trip.

Mestic refrigerators are ideal for camping or traveling. All your drinks stay wonderfully cold and the food stays fresh. Cool off with a cold drink in the sun!

Compressor refrigerator MCC-25 AC/DC

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