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HD 560

The HD 560 Kayak is the new two-seater kayak in the NMK range.

Extraordinary kayak to be loaded with surprising performance, suitable for marine use in medium-long open sea excursions and formed sea.

Ideal for nautical camping, excellent directional stability, great course hold thanks to the new redesigned stern.

Also usable on calm internal waters (lake)

Wide wells allow for long stays on board.

Unsinkable kayak thanks to the wide pond stables, where you can stack everything you need by using the oval stern cap and the round bow cap.

Equipped with 2 comfortable 16 cm day-hatch plugs that can be used as a toy rack.

It is advisable to use plumbing, for better conduct in the open sea.

Available in 3 versions, diolene, carbon-kevlar and vacuum infusion system.

Happy sailing....!!!

Technical Features :

material : diolene

length : meters. 5.60

width : meters. 0.71

weight : kg 36

volume: 600 liters

max load capacity : 250 kg.

XL version

92 X 49 (outside)

85 X 45 (inner)

XXL version

cm. 99 x 56 (exterior)

cm. 90 x 48 (inner)

accessories :

2 adjustable kayak sport toes

2 anatomics kayak sport poggia

2 comfort seat covers

44 x 26 kayak sport cape oval

Tondo cap 24 cm sport kayak

2 plug day-hatch round cm. 16 toy racks

2 ergonomic handle kayak sport

perimeter tops

elastic ropes

standby parade

wheelbarrow ( only on request )

HD 560 Double Kayak

SKU: HD 560
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€2,755.00Sale Price
expected to deliver in 15 days

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