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Northern Cape ( sea kayaking)

Nordkapp is NMK's new sea kayak news 2021.

Designed to offer the most demanding kayakers an extremely marine boat, fast and technical, but also easily transportable thanks to its 5.00 meters long.

Particular form of the keel drawn with a deep V, allows the boat to have an excellent course hold even in the most extreme conditions.

Offers little wind grip thanks to the low profile rear bridge, good primary stability, excellent secondary one.

Ideal for long hikes and crossings in the open sea, the wide ponds allow you to stash everything you need, with a load capacity exceeds 300 litres.

Ideal for kayakers weighing 75-95 kg.


material :

Oil : 23 kgs

carbon blades : 20 kgs

Vacuum system infusion : 18 kg

length : cm. 500

width : cm. 0.56

capacity : 315 litres

shaft and seat :

L version

external cm. 87 x 46

inner cm. 80 x 41

XL version

outer : cm . 92 x 48

inner : cm. 85 x 43


Smart track adjustable footprints

KS sport adjustable backrest

ks comfort seat cover

The key-hole is done.

KS sport cm oval cap. 44x26

volume 63 liters

Round cap ks sport cm. 24

volume 55 liters

Round cap ks sport cm. 20

volume 27 liters

Tappo tondo day hatch KS sport cm. 15

volume 5 liters

perimeter tops

elastic ropes

skeg and joinery (only on request)

Nordkapp Sea Kayak